Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gold Spray Paint...Pots....Jars...and a Desk Organizer

My favorite blog to follow is Cupcakes and Cashmere. On one of her recent post Emily describes that gold spray paint can make anything look new again. 
 This is probably the easiest Do It Yourself yet. Since I luckily had gold spray paint, all it took was a walk outside with some news paper, two old mason jars, some painters tap, two empty terracotta pots and an old desk organizer. Within 20 minutes I was walking back inside with my new adorable vases, succulent pots and a chic desk organizer now displayed on the top of my workspace.
 I was able to find a rose bush in my backyard that was overflowing in pink roses so these were the first to be displayed in my gold hipsters mason jar vases!
Clip small succulent flowers off larger succulent plant from friend, neighbor, random person, park, beach, leaving a 1-2 inch stem. They seem to grow everywhere. Let the succulent clippings sit in a dry area until the place where you cut the plant has completely scabbed over. Plant cutting in succulent soil, which can be purchased from most garden or hardware stores (don't skip buying specicial succulent soil, these plants need a very well draining soil to grow). You hardly need to water succulents, just a teaspoon every month or so.With so many varieties I have developed an obsession and desire to collect them all!

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