Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rainbow Chard Wraps in the Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen

For my birthday I was given my first Ayurvedic Cookbook, which actually was the first Vegan and Ayruvedic Cookbook published. I was able to go and see the author Talya Lutzker speek about her book at the Capitola Book Cafe. It was very inspiring to hear her testimony and sample a few of the recipes featured in her book.

The first recipe I decided to try from the book, titled as Green Collard Wraps quickly turned into Rainbow Chard Wraps when I brought home Rainbow Chard my mistake. These nutrient packed wraps turned out delicious, featuring sweet potatoes and spicy homegrown mustard greens and several spices. I made a Tahini dressing, also featured in the book, to dip the wraps in. A few weeks later I made then again, except this time using Collard green, which do wrap up much nicer due to their thicker leaves and rounder and larger shape. 

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