Friday, May 3, 2013

Light Wheat Bread & A Garden

I found an amazing and EASY Light Wheat Bread recipe on Smitten Kitchen-(, my favorite online source for recipes and cooking inspiration. This bread used a combination of white bread flour and of whole wheat flour. With the addition of a little honey it had a wholesome and sweet flavor and didn't last long. I love homemade bread, typically I enjoy it with an egg on top or toasted and dipped in my coffee! 

 First Garden Salad of the season featured argula blossoms, mustard greens, fennel and sunflower sprouts. I decided to keep it simple and let the spicy greens dominate the salad, dressed in lemon, pepper, salt with thinly sliced fennel bulb and argula blossoms lightly sauteed in olive oil. Delicious!

 My hop plant has sprouted and is nearly an inch tall. I burried the rhizome about a month ago and with persistsent watering and patience it has finially broke the surface!

Snap peas are hand down my favorite plant to grow in my garden. This is the first year I have ventured to grow nearly everything (minus the tomatoes  which i kindly was given from a friend with connections to Love Apple Farms heirloom tomato starts). These little guys are getting me pretty excited and are measuring in at about 2 inches!

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