Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Double Chocolate Banana Bread

Last week I made double chocolate banana bread, the most delicious banana bread in the entire universe. All my gratitude and blessings to Smitten Kitchen for once again introducing me to a recipe that I now can never live without. The combination of chocolate chips and cocoa powder are to die for. I also liked that this recipe called for melted butter instead of oil. Enjoy

My Tips for Double Chocolate Banana Bread:

1. Follow the recipe with patience and always lick the bowl
2. Skip the nutmeg
3. Cut the loaf into halves after it has cooled and after you have tasted your double chocolate banana breads deliciousness, wrap up one half in tin foil and deliver to a friend, coworker or neighbor.

p.s. If for some crazy reason this isn't looking like the banana bread you NEED to bake this week, maybe one of these three variations will suit you better, I highly doubt it. Enjoy

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  1. Yum! this looks so good!