Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MAYFLOWER and all the little things

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day living in the Bay Area, temperatures reached the upper 80's, I had a picnic in the grass during my lunch hour, and then spent the evening wandering through my quaint neighborhood in North Berkeley. After grabbing a Popsicle at a small market (it was the only thing I could comprehend eating on such a warm evening) I made it to the Berkley Rose Garden where nearly all the rose bushes were in bloom. The few photos I snapped on my iphone don't do it justice! It made me happy seeing couples and groups of friends and families enjoying their dinner at the garden.

Below are a two neat TED Talks I enjoyed listening to this past month. I did myself a huge favor by 'liking' TED talks on facebook a few months back. Each day when I look at my news feed I am updated with the latest and greatest TED talks. I am always able to find a talk to fit my time frame, TED talks range from less than 5 minutes to over a half hour.

1. How To Make Stress Your Friend
2. How to Spot a Liar

May's motto... It really is the little things in life. Heres to May flowers and continuing to pray for showers.


  1. These flowers are gorgeous! May is the best because my favorite flowers start blooming!