Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Simple Leather Wallet

I have always had an eye for leather purses and wallets, really of all shapes and sizes. Inspired by a friend of a friends handmade leather wallet and her claims of how easy and simple it was to sew together. I promptly took a trip to the local leather shop, Leatherwise, to see what inexpensive scraps I could find to create something on my own.  I found myself in heaven. Leather Wise carries all types of leather and the selection of scraps was just what I needed.

Stitching together the wallet after pre 'poking' holes with the Awl

I ended up taking home two squares of leather and choose to begin with a very simple wallet. I needed to purchase a few tools for proper assembling including an Awl-to pre 'poke' holes in the leather, and a setter-to attach the front snap. I already had a large sewing needle and thick thread.

Finished product, top wallet lined with cotton print
 To add a pop of color my mom gave me the idea of lining the interior of one of the wallets with a cotton fabric. 
I am extremely happy with how these turned out and have plans for several more leather pieces, including a larger purse. These simple wallets have been very handy, to cary cash at the farmer's market and as a chic checkbook holder.

Close up of interior

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