Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yosemite Falls Dinner

 This past week I went snow camping in Yosemite. It was my first time camping at this time of year and it was awesome. The above picture is Half Dome and was taken about half way up the Upper Yosemite Falls hiking trail.
At the campsite we had limited resources for cooking but we were still able to make a couple delicious meals. The above picture is a Mexican inspired stir fry which was delicious and super easy !

Bell peppers
Red and white onions
sweet potatoes

Guacamole- mash up 2 avocados, slice one white onion and add. Add lemon, pepper or a little salsa to taste and enjoy with chips, on top of stir frys  or on a slice of bread !

Chop all vegetables and mince ginger. Cook onions, ginger and potatoes first and add in the rest of the vegetables as the potatoes cook. When all vegetables are cooked stir in 2-4 eggs, depending on how many you are serving. The eggs cook very quickly so do this right before you are ready to serve. Serve in bowls or on corn tortillas with guacamole and salsa !

The above picture is me at the top of Upper Yosemite Falls after a 3.7 mile climb to the top. The first half of the hike was rock stairs and the second half was in the snow ! The views along the way were spectacular!

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